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Behaviour and Discipline Policy





May 2018


Mission Statement

We, at Benjamin Hargreaves, strive for excellence and enjoyment in education by providing a safe, secure, caring family environment, where individuals are valued and respected. We will endeavour to enable all children to reach their full potential, whilst growing in their love and understanding of the Christian Faith.


Introduction and Aims

Benjamin Hargreaves is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School whose Anglican foundation is governed by its Trust Deed and our Christian Values underpin all aspects of school life.


At Benjamin Hargreaves we aim to encourage a high degree of self-discipline, good behaviour, co-operation, tolerance, confidence, independence and assertiveness amongst our children. This will be based on their sense of belonging to a caring Christian school. We aim to encourage pupils to have a sense of pride in their work, their achievements and their appearance.


The pupils discuss and sign the following rules at the beginning of the School year.


My Promise

I will look after and care for others.

I will always try my best.

I will behave well at all times.

I will play sensibly and safely.

I will respect other people’s property.

I will do my homework on time.

I will use ICT equipment and the Internet safely and carefully.


Parents/carers sign the Home-School Agreement on pupil admission to School.



I will encourage my child to show consideration and respect for adults, children and property.

I will encourage my child to work to the best of his/her ability.

I will ensure my child attends school regularly and punctually.

I will support the School’s Christian foundation, and the guidelines for behaviour as laid down in the School’s Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

I will encourage and support my child to complete his/her homework and return it to School on time.

I will attend Parents’ Evenings to discuss my child’s progress and keep the School informed of any problems or difficulties that may affect my child’s work or well-being.

I will ensure my child uses ICT equipment and the Internet safely and carefully.



We will maintain a safe and secure environment for our children.

We are determined that all our children will feel valued and we will help them to fulfil their potential.

We will encourage and support all our children to grow in faith.

We encourage caring, thoughtful and respectful relationships.

We are committed to provide a high standard of education that will meet individual needs through a broad and balanced curriculum.

We recognise and reward good attendance and punctuality.

We place great emphasis on responsible behaviour and do not tolerate bullying, racist, violent or destructive actions.

We will provide homework and ensure it is marked on a regular basis.

We will keep parents informed regularly about School matters.


Acceptable Behaviour

We encourage positive approaches towards good behaviour by:

  • using verbal and written praise;
  • each class agreeing their own simple rules which are consistently applied and communicated;
  • setting challenging but achievable tasks;
  • promoting self-esteem through co-operative activities, giving children responsibility;
  • avoiding sarcasm and belittlement of pupils;
  • ensuring that rewards in School are not purely for academic achievement but recognise good behaviour and care for others;
  • discussions in PSHE.


Rewards for good behaviour or for improvement might include:

  • verbal or written approval;
  • in class rewards e.g. stickers, certificates, green frogs.
  • awards in the Achievement Assembly;
  • ‘Stars of the Week’ display board and names included in Weekly Newsletter and School website;
  • awards of stickers, smiley faces, certificates, and team points
  • a Headteacher’s Award - wrist band for children who achieve gold on the traffic light system for outstanding behaviour
  • Christian Values Award
  • Welfare assistants reward positive behaviour through our ‘Spotty’ awards
  • giving a special task/activity as a reward e.g. half-termly Green Frog Party
  • special awards presented at the end of year Prize-Giving Service in St Paul’s Church


Unacceptable Behaviour

School staff have a consistent approach towards dealing with unacceptable behaviour using in house-training and other policies e.g. Anti-Bullying Policy.

Sanctions for unacceptable behaviour will depend upon the seriousness of the misdemeanour, the age of the pupil and the circumstances. However they may include any of the following:

  • verbal reproof;
  • Traffic light system;
  • loss of privileges;
  • loss of playtime;
  • attendance at ‘Thinking Time’ (time to reflect on their actions)

All members of School staff have a legal power to use ‘reasonable force’ to prevent pupils injuring themselves or others and maintaining good order and discipline. Additional guidance can be found in the Policy on Care and Control of Pupils.


A staged approach to sanctions

  • Sanctions will, in the first instance, be by the person dealing with any incident.
  • If the matter is more serious it will be referred to the class teacher.
  • For the more serious incidents the pupil may be sent to the Deputy Headteacher.
  • Sending a pupil to the Headteacher should only be used as a final resort or if the unacceptable behaviour is of a very serious nature.
  • The Headteacher will contact parents/carers if it is felt necessary to enable them to be involved in the discipline process.
  • Exclusion from School will be considered for serious misdemeanours on an individual basis. County Guidelines for exclusion and suspensions will be followed. Parents/carers and governors will be notified at each stage of the procedures.
  • The School will seek to involve other agencies for pupils who display persistent disruptive behaviour and aggression.


Power to search

  • The Head/ Deputy Head/other staff authorised by the Headteacher have the power to search pupils without consent where they may suspect a pupil has knives, weapons, stolen items, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs and any inappropriate material.
  • Staff will confiscate, obtain or dispose of pupils’ property which is not allowed in School.
  • Staff are protected from liability for damage or loss to confiscated items.
  • Any weapons or controlled drugs will be passed to the Police.


Outside School

Discipline outside of School may be applied if a pupil is:-

  • involved in a School organised activity;
  • travelling to and from School;
  • wearing School uniform;
  • identifiable as a pupil of the School.

Also when the behaviour of a pupil:-

  • could have repercussions for the orderly running of the School;
  • poses a threat to another pupil/member of staff or a member of the public;
  • could adversely affect the reputation of the School.


Monitoring and Evaluation

The policy will be reviewed annually and made available to parents/carers via the School Brochure and website.


Recording and Reporting Incidents

CPOMS (Child Protection On-line Management Systems) is used to record any serious incidents of unacceptable behaviour. It is a secure and confidential system and accessible only by appropriate members of staff.


Review date: May 2019

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