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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5's page

Welcome to Class 5's page 1

            Summer 2            


Tuesdays 11am swimming  - chn need towels and costumes

Thursdays 1:15-2:45 Tennis

Please can children wear the appropriate uniform including shoes not trainers!


Hello and welcome back to the last half term, for many of you it will be the last half term of your Benjamin Hargreaves life, so lets make it a memorable one!


Science Week - 1st week back

Granulated sugar and sugar cubes in bowlsFor the first week back, Class 5 will be investigating what is actually in the food we eat, especially focusing on SUGAR, what foods to avoid and what foods to embrace for our health. We'll be designing posters, producing infographics, writing explanation texts and hopefully presenting an assembly on the danger of too much sugar to the whole school. 




Investigations into dissolving - which temperature of water does sugar dissolve in quicker and why?

Plastic pollution printed t-shirt design

Plastic pollution printed t-shirt design 1
Plastic pollution printed t-shirt design 2
Plastic pollution printed t-shirt design 3
Plastic pollution printed t-shirt design 4

Think before you drink! Class 5 weighed out the amount of sugar in each drink! UNBELIEVABLE!

English - Summer Term 2

We will be studying the text 'Cloud Tree Monkeys' and using it as a vehicle to explore the North East region of India, tea plantations, Fairtrade and langur monkeys. 

We will be writing a diary entry, a newspaper report and an explanation text throughout the half term.

Image result for cloud tea monkeys




As well as consolidating all that we have learnt in KS2, we'll be focusing on statistics and producing data/analysing data and presenting data through bar charts, line graphs and pie charts both in pencil and on spreadsheets. 

The data will partly be from science experiments we will be conduction throughout the half term and partly from the English topic we are covering, as well as our science week on food. 

                                            Our Topic Assembly - Pompeii!   Friday 1st February

Class 5 treated us all to a modern twist on the events of Pompeii last Friday 25th January. The children added to the script, acted and delivered the play all from memory - well done!

Class 5's Pompeii assembly

                  Educational websites 


Below are links to really useful websites - if you find any others please tell me and I'll add them willingly!

Don't forget those video links at the very bottom of this class page!


Kind Regards Mr Hill

SATS buster



Once you are feeling refreshed and ready to go I'm sure you'll have plenty of time over the Christmas holidays which you could fill with practising and improving your spelling! If you want to be SAT ready, have a book and a pencil at the ready and hit the link.

Phrases and clauses - all you need to know about sentence types - READ READ READ!

Year 5 and 6 spelling word list

          World War 1 Accrington Pal


Class 5 have been reading poetry about World War 1, focusing in particular on Wilfred Owen's protests against the war. The children quickly picked up the figurative speech and vocabulary used in these poems and inspired them to write their own.


Niamh Brotherton proudly brought in the medals that her Great, Great Grandfather was awarded during the war, including the Victoria Cross. We also got to look at his personal diary in which he had written in during the war and even had his clothing measurements in. Sadly, he lost his life during the war and his wife received The Dead Man's Penny. Thankyou Niamh - the children were really wowed by these artefacts! 


Below you will be able to see a selection of our poetry and visit to Oak Hill Cenotaph, along with Niamh's Great Grandad's medal, diary and Dead Mans Penny. 




Class 5 are studying life in the Victorian period and particularly the living and working  conditions of the time for millions of people. 

Please click on the link below to see some pictures taken in 1877. 


Adverbs, adverbials and fronted adverbials

Homework help with adverbs, adverbials and fronted adverbials. Looking at how to identify them and use them.

Main and Subordinating Clauses

Homework help on main and subordinating clauses in English. Subordinating conjunction list -

Phrases and Clauses Help

Help with your homework on phrases and clauses. Subordinating Conjunctions - Relative Pronouns - ...

Top 20 Hardest English Words To Spell

Test your brain and the speed of your response with this Brain Challenge Games Video.Let's play ! It's fun too !

Year 5 & 6 words that you need to remember by sight

Play and turn away - and see how many you can spell correctly! Check afterwards and correct those mistakes.

Mr M - The Grammar Song

A song dedicated to the Church Hill Year Six Class of 2014 Produced by RATOBEAT productions Written and performed by Mr M A grammar song to support children taking their KS2 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar SATs test You can do it guys!

Animated Grammar Guide: Pronouns and Determiners - What is the Difference?

Unconditional help for primary teachers and literacy leads :-)

Animated Grammar Guides: Noun Phrases

Unconditional help for primary teachers and literacy leads

Relative clauses | English - Grammar for 11-14-year-olds

Mr Selfie gets to grips with relative clauses. Subscribe for more English clips from BBC Teach on Tuesdays when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like. Share it with someone. Add the video to your own teaching playlists.

Homework Help - Basic ways to use semi colons

Video showing how to use semicolons in three basic ways.

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