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Homework Policy

Accrington Benjamin Hargreaves CE (VA) Primary School

Homework Policy

December 2016


The Purpose of Homework

The Homework Policy has been developed to form an effective partnership between School and parents/carers. Children need parental support to ensure that work is completed and returned to School within a set time.

Together we aim to:

  • consolidate and reinforce skills, particularly in literacy and mathematics;
  • extend school learning into the home and vice versa;
  • encourage pupils to develop confidence and discipline for independent learning.


Types and amount of homework

  • Homework will be sent out on Friday and returned by Wednesday
  • Homework is primarily set to reinforce work taught in literacy and mathematics and occasionally for other curriculum areas.
  • Homework may be linked to a theme or topic and given over a period of time.
  • Homework will not be set if child is absent through illness or holiday, unless specifically requested or appropriate.
  • Homework in classes will be differentiated to meet individual/group needs.
  • Children should be given enough time to complete the set tasks but homework must be returned on time.
  • Homework is sometimes set for children to complete during the School’s half-term – often of an investigative nature
  • Additional homework may be given to children to support booster or intervention work.


  • Reading - pupils take home story and picture books to develop speaking and listening skills and reading readiness.
  • Flashcards – phonemes/tricky word flashcards (when appropriate)
  • Talk homework - a weekly task based on the following week’s topic

Key Stage 1

  • Reading - daily practice using the graded reading scheme and story books.
  • Weekly spellings are given linked to Phonics work
  • English/Maths or Topic task

Key Stage Two

  • Reading - remains a vital part of the children’s learning. It is important that children continue to read daily either with an adult or independently.
  • English task
  • Maths task
  • Weekly spellings to learn


  • Homework is given out on Fridays and returned to School on the following Wednesday.
  • A record is kept by the class teacher of completed homework. Parents/carers will be notified if their child is regularly failing to return their homework.
  • Children who do not return homework will attend Homework Club on Wednesday lunchtimes.
  • Homework will be marked and sent home to parents/carers.

Review date: December 2017

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