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Lettings Policy




(November 2016)


The Governing Body actively encourages community use of our School buildings. However, it reserves the right to refuse any lettings it may choose.


The hirer must be willing to meet with representatives of School and provide details of their aims and objectives. At the meeting the School’s representative will outline the School’s requirements.


The Governing Body will ensure that the School Budget does not subsidise non-school activities and that all costs are recovered. However, because of our special relationship with St Paul’s Church and the infrequent use of the School premises there will be no charge. Charges will be reviewed annually by the Governing Body.


Each hirer using the School will be required to nominate a contact person. Such a person is deemed to be in charge and able to investigate any difficulties which may arise.


The Governing Body will determine if a nominated person from School is required on site when the premises are being used. If not, a responsible person must be on call.


A Lettings Application/Indemnity Form must be completed by ALL applicants. A signed copy of the application form, if approved by the School, will be returned to the hirer. For long term lettings application forms will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Any hirer who uses the School must be adequately insured and insurance documents must be attached to the application. The minimum limit for this insurance cover is

£2 million.


Arrangements for the payments of each letting will be made in advance with the hirer concerned.


All hirers must comply with Health and Safety legislation and carry out appropriate risk assessments. They must make themselves aware of fire procedures, identify emergency exits and inform the Headteacher of their procedures. Hirers will complete the Agreement of Safeguarding Responsibilities for a Third Party Provider using the School site, where appropriate.


Smoking and alcoholic drinks are not allowed on the premises.


The hirer is responsible for ensuring DBS checks have been undertaken where appropriate


There will be occasions when it will not be possible to use the School’s facilities because of the School’s own needs which may not be known at the time of booking.


Regular weekly lettings should have priority in the use of a specific room over occasional lettings.


Requests for the use of School furniture or equipment should be made at the time of booking.


Under no circumstances must children be left unsupervised in the School building or its grounds.


Under no circumstances must School equipment be used without permission:-

computers, photocopier, dining furniture etc.

Breakages/damage must be reported to the Headteacher immediately and made good.


Users of the premises must leave the School premises as they found them.



To be reviewed: November 2017


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