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Minutes of the 'Friends of Benjamin Hargreaves' - 20th October 2014


Minutes of Friends of Benjamin Hargreaves (PTA)

20 October 2014


Present:         Kath Jones (KJ), Carol Crowe (CC), Julie Nicol (JN), Kim Greenwood (KG), Lindsay Towler (LT), Sarah Welch (SW), Ann Wenter (AW), Barbara Sowerbutts (BS), Karen Pye (KP), Caroline Whalley (CW), Fiona Enticott (FE), Emma Barker (EB), Leah Sumner (LS), Lorraine Cross (LC), Sam Whittaker (SW), Paul Atherton (PA), Hannah Hoyle (HH), Amanda Southwell (AS), Rhian Eastham (RE), Jen Hill (JH)

Apologies:      Helen Cancelliere, Tracey Wild,


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held

Accepted as a true record


  1. Matters arising from the minutes;
    1. Beetle Drive £145.80 raised, agreed to run the event in 2014 / 15
    2. Tea towels – Looking into making them for Mothers day (15.3.15), SW to look into cost.


  1. Summer Fair
    1. Music – suggestion to play music to add to the atmosphere, Lee Whalley has volunteered to provide this.
    2. Tombolas –     Bottle donations received were low, agreed to do a larger information leaflet with                           detail of what bottles can be donated.

Toy donations – good volume received in lieu of own clothes day


  1. Jumble Sale – Feedback
    1. £291 raised. Agreed to increase the prices at the next one which is scheduled for 21 March 2014.
    2. Additional volunteers always welcome.
    3. Bedding cannot be used for the bag 2 school but suggestion received to donate it to the women’s refuge.


  1. Bag 2 School
    1. Looking at booking two dates, including one late September. £132 raised at the last collection. Will be split 3 ways.


  1. Christmas Fair
    1. 3.15pm Friday 28th November 2014

Please see Appendix one for the list of volunteers


  1. Requests for funds
    1. None raised


  1. Any other Business
    1. None raised


  • Benjamin Hargreaves C.E. Primary School Voluntary Aided,
  • Barnfield Street, Accrington,
  • Lancashire BB5 2AQ
  • | Phone: 01254 232130