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Online Safety Policy


On-line Safety and Safeguarding Policy

March 2017

Mission Statement

We, at Benjamin Hargreaves, strive for excellence and enjoyment in education by providing a safe, secure, caring family environment, where individuals are valued and respected. We will endeavour to enable all our children to reach their full potential, whilst growing in their love and understanding of the Christian Faith.


Effective practice in e-Safety and e-Safeguarding.

The aim of our On-line Safety and Safeguarding Policy is to highlight the need to educate children and young people about the benefits and risks of using modern technologies both in and away from School. On-line Safety and Safeguarding provides an education regarding responsible ICT use by staff, pupils and visitors including the use of wireless connectivity and electronic equipment. Our School On-line Safety and Safeguarding Policy works in conjunction with other computing policies including the Home-School Agreement.


Teaching and Learning

The Internet is an essential element in 21st Century life, education, business and social interaction. Benjamin Hargreaves has a duty to provide all pupils with quality Internet access as part of their learning experiences. The Internet is part of the statutory curriculum and it is also a necessary tool for staff and pupils. The School Internet access is appropriate for pupil access and includes a filter to block access to any unacceptable information or images. It is the teacher’s responsibility to teach children how to use the Internet responsibly using the skills of location, retrieval and evaluation. The subject Leader monitors teaching and learning across School.


Managing Internet access

BT Lancashire provides security and virus protection for all school computers, laptops and ipads. They also provide remote support and each fortnight in School. In School the children sign a Home-School Agreement annually to review their use of ICT equipment. The Home-School Agreement outlines a set of guidelines for the children to follow when using computing equipment in School. A copy of the Home-School Agreement can be found in Appendix A. Each member of staff signs a copy of the Staff Code of Conduct for ICT annually, giving them guidance on the use of passwords and ICT equipment in School. A copy of this can be found in Appendix B.


The School website is constantly reviewed and updated. Personal information regarding staff or pupils, including the use of names, will not be published and a consent form will be signed before any un-named photographs of children are published on the website. An On-Line Safeguarding section is provided on the School Website and is updated on a regular basis and a parental workshop is offered annually to provide information and offer an opportunity for parents and pupils to gain a greater understanding of how to stay safe on-line.

Our School’s On-line Safety Rules (Appendix C) will be displayed around the School where computers are stored and the children will be reminded of them regularly.

Teaching On-line Safety and Safeguarding will be embedded throughout the Computing and PSHE curriculum.


To be reviewed: Spring 2019|

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