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Positive comments about our school website

 "I regularly visit the website to keep up to date with what's going on in school. It's a valuable asset for Governors, particularly if I they can't  physically get into school every week."- Mrs C Crowe (Governor)

"Excellent website. The site is full of up to date information for children and parents alike. I particularly like the E-Safety area which offers advice on use of social media sites such as Facebook. The website is a great resource. Very well done!" - J Wearne.


"Fabulous, keep up the good work"-N Cooke


"Fab- all I need to know in one place!"- J Hill


"Looking good and lots of info. Enjoyed looking at the photos of the children doing various activities."- H Cancelliere


"The new website is fab! It's easy to navigate around and very clear, bright and colourful!"- E Eastwood


"Great website for parents and children alike. Loads of info,pics and games in one place.Looks great,keep it up."- C Eastham


"I have looked at the website and found it easy to use,informative, a lot of useful links for people to access. An excellent resource."- J Gilroy


"It looks fabulous, everything I would want to see as a parent.  It's bright, colourful and shows that the children have fun whilst learning." - R Taylor


"Lovely informative website, a pleasure to be able to see what my grandson is achieving at school, thank you." - K Southwell


"I recently came across your site and can see that you have lots of great content"- M Cann (Nutritionist resource)


"Brilliant website ,has all the information I need , love the pictures of the children enjoying themselves".- Joanne Lord

Let us know what you enjoyed or found useful on our website.

We will use your positive comments on our website and your comments will be used to help to shape the website in the future. We would love to hear what you found enjoyable and useful about our website.

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