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Security Policy


Accrington Benjamin Hargreaves CE (VA) Primary School

Security Policy

March 2016


The Governing Body of Benjamin Hargreaves CE (VA) Primary School is committed to ensuring the security of our children and staff.


  • The School is surrounded by high perimeter fencing and the gates are locked outside the hours of the school day.
  • The main entrance has a security door with key pad entry.
  • The security door is controlled by the Administrative Officer (in school hours).
  • During lunchtimes pupils will alert a member of staff to visitors to School, but under no circumstances will they open the door.
  • Parents/carers of children in Classes 1 – 5 accompanying children to and from School at the official start/end of school sessions use the gate to the playground on Garfield Street as their entrance and exit, not the main entrance.
  • Parents/carers of pupils in the Reception Class accompanying their children to and from School at the official start/end of school sessions use the gate into the Reception play area on Barnfield Street.
  • Playground gates are unlocked throughout the school day for fire evacuation but access cannot be gained from outside. 
  • The School building is protected by an intruder alarm system and a fire alarm system.
  • A designated keyholder secures the premises each evening.
  • Designated key holders have an intruder alarm fob to set or immobilize the alarm system.

The keyholders include: Julie Nicol (Headteacher), Nico Losardo (Site Supervisor),   

Sarah Welch (Deputy Headteacher), Kath Jones (Chair of Governors), Ian Enticott, Gerry Tipling (Beavers), Lorraine Cross, Emma Barker, Anne Smith, Cleanbright Contract Cleaners

  • Visitors to School gain entry via the main entrance. Visitors sign in and out and wear a visitors’ badge.
  • The Kitchen gate is used for deliveries during School hours. The Cook, Ms Marie Cairns, ensures there is no unauthorised access to School via the Kitchen gate, at these times.
  • On alternate Thursdays Hyndburn Borough Council empty the refuse bins via the Kitchen gate. The key which opens this gate does not open any other gate and is held securely at the Council Depot.
  • The School Field is surrounded by a 6’ high fence and secured at night by a padlocked gate. During the day the gate is unlocked as the field is the designated fire assembly point. Pupils using the School field at playtime and lunchtime are supervised by School Staff at all times.
  • At least one member of staff wears a high viz jacket when taking children across Barnfield Street to the field or to St. Paul’s Church.
  • Contractors will be made aware of the Security Policy by a member of the School staff  emphasising that the safety of the children and staff is of paramount importance at all times.



Review date: September 2019

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