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Stress Management Policy




(April 2017)



Mission Statement

We, at Benjamin Hargreaves, strive for excellence and enjoyment in education by providing a safe, secure, caring family environment, where all are valued and respected as individuals.

We will enable our pupils to reach their full potential, whilst growing in their love and understanding of the Christian Faith.


Statement of Intent

The Governors of Benjamin Hargreaves CE (VA) Primary School recognise their Health and Safety responsibilities and will take all reasonably practicable steps to address stress related issues in School.


In dealing with the issues of stress in School the Governors will, to the best of their ability, ensure that the following systems are in place, understood and acted upon in an attempt to deal with a problem which is giving increasing cause for concern.



The School will

  • ensure that the Stress Policy is brought to the attention of all staff who work in School.
  • ensure that a School Risk Assessment is undertaken to identify the scope and causes of stress related to work and the findings shared with staff and the Governing Body.
  • implement control measures to minimise the risk of stress.
  • monitor and audit the arrangements in an effort to continuously improve the quality of the working environment and the implemented stress-minimisation arrangements.
  • encourage staff to report their views and to discuss stress-related issues with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • ensure equality of treatment of staff.
  • ensure that individuals who have, or have had symptoms of stress-related illness are treated responsibly and fairly at an early stage; that confidentiality is ensured and that individual risk assessments are undertaken as necessary
  • consider job security, sick leave provision, retention of status etc in accordance with the rights of the individual to employment protection and in accordance with the School’s Sickness Absence Policy.
  • establish a culture in School where stress is viewed as a serious issue rather than viewed as a personal weakness.
  • nominate a member of the Senior Leadership Team to be responsible for the co-ordination of stress management in School.
  • communicate effectively and ‘manage change’ in a sensitive and responsible manner.
  • review arrangements for managing stress on a regular basis or following changes in the School’s Senior Leadership Team, organisation or structure.



A copy of this Policy and accompanying guidance for Benjamin Hargreaves CE Primary School can be found in the Personnel Policies File.





Responsibility for Co-ordination of Stress Management in the School

The member of staff responsible for co-ordinating stress management in Benjamin Hargreaves CE Primary School is Mrs. J. Nicol.


Stress Risk Assessment

School Stress Risk Assessments will be undertaken following consultation with staff, considering the examples given in the policy.

The findings of the School Stress Risk Assessment will be communicated promptly to staff and the Governing Body.

Individual Risk Assessments will be undertaken for individuals who have, or have had symptoms of stress-related illness and these will be treated with appropriate confidentiality.


Monitoring & Review

Procedures for monitoring stress in School should be an integral management function and be the subject of a regular review. Changes to the School's Senior Leadership Team, organisation or structure should initiate a review of procedures.


Statement of Staff’s Responsibilities

Members of staff have a duty to co-operate with the Governors in minimising, so far as is reasonably practicable, work-related stress. They have a part to play in making reasonable adjustments to working practices which may have to change due to circumstances beyond the School’s control.

Anyone who feels he/she is suffering from stress should, wherever possible, inform the Headteacher so that he/she will have an opportunity to resolve the problem.

If anyone feels unable to raise the matter with the Headteacher the Schools’ Human Resources Team can be contacted for advice or their concern could be shared with a trusted colleague.

Members of staff should also seek advice promptly from their union/professional association.


Statement of the Headteacher’s Responsibilities

The Headteacher has a key role to play in considering the work load and health implications of decisions involving staff. It is recognised that the style of management adopted has an impact on stress levels amongst staff.

It is the responsibility of the Headteacher to:

  • ensure that adequate risk assessments are carried out to evaluate stress;
  • ensure that sickness absence and staff turnover is regularly reviewed and monitored to identify any problem areas;
  • be able to identify and respond to issues of work-related stress;
  • be aware that stress is minimised in an organisation where there exists mutual trust, promotion of self-esteem, shared objectives and common goals;
  • act on information/reports received from Schools’ Human Resources.


Statement of the Governors’ Responsibilities

Governors will

  • give staff comprehensive and relevant information about work‑related stress;
  • put measures in place to prevent, so far as is practicable, work‑related stress;
  • ensure that adequate resources are in place to support the policy;
  • review and monitor sickness absence levels and staff turnover.



Review April 2020



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