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Tuesday 4th December 2013

Minutes of Friends of Benjamin Hargreaves (PTA) Meeting

Tuesday 4th December 2013 6.30 pm


Present:          Kath Jones (KJ), Carol Crowe (CC), Julie Nicol (JN), Barbara Sowerbutts (BS) Ann Wenter (AW), Jen Hill (JH), Sarah Welch (SW), Kim Greenwood (KM) Tracey Wild (TW)

Apologies:    Lindsay Towler (LT), Rhian Eastham (RE) & Sarah Parkinson (SP)


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held sent out



  1. Matters arising from the minutes;

2.1 LT to write to:  Oswaldtwistle Mills to thank them for Jar of Mints

                                     Morrison’s for the vouchers (some use/some held back for next event)

                                     Chris & Rhian Eastham for Car service

2.2 SW has already written to TESCO’s Community Champion           


  1. Christmas Fair Feedback

3.1 Total raised so far is £1178.56

3.2 ‘Thank you’ to all staff/parents/carers & volunteers is on staff noticeboard and is being put on website and added to the newsletter this week.

3.3 Thanks to Terry Jones for stepping in as Treasurer for the Fair and providing a swift total for us to feedback.

3.4 Photos from the fair are already on our website.

3.5 It is still felt that immediately after school on the Friday is the best time and day for the Fair.

3.6 Setting up on Wed after school worked very well instead of in the evening. We’ll try this again next year, ‘incumbent’ permitting. All help could then be early on perhaps with a crèche .KJ suggested a brief meeting of the Friends between the main planning event and the actual Fair. CC suggested emailing /texting meeting reminders out to members as well.

3.7 Donations: Different ways of approaching donations were suggested such as splitting the non-uniform day into ‘chocolate or gifts’ to balance out the stalls. Bottles in September to be pushed again to spread the workload.

3.8 ‘Ticketing up’ and wrapping of gifts some weeks before the event was successful.

3.9 Refreshments for staff/stall holders to be ready at 3 pm and staff especially can collect a ‘brew’ on way to stall if coming directly from school.

3.10 JH suggested we send out a flyer after Christmas break for any ‘unwanted’ Christmas gifts to put away for next year.

3.11 KG suggested we reduce prices to clear them on Toy tall as children can buy with their money it’s very near Christmas and some gifts have already been out at the Jumble Sale & Autumn Fair.

3.12 BS suggested Tombola drums are out of the way to avoid injury – it was suggested we site at the front of church as both stalls are popular and people flock to them. (‘after thought’ CC – pews protrude into the aisles so suggest we don’t use them in usual position, use tables there instead and pews at right angles to centre aisle.

3.13 Feedback sheets have been valuable (10 completed, verbal from 2 others). CC has transferred relevant information onto stall planner for next year.

3.14 CC suggested one or two ‘floating bodies’ with bags of £1 coins for first 30 mins of Fair to revisit stalls and swap for notes as lots of people came with high value notes at start of fair. This will avoid over large floats.

3.15 HC fed back from her stall she could see lots of people wanting to sit down. It has been suggested we re- visit stall locations to have a larger refreshment area and bring Cake stall alongside. (TW suggested we cover carpet around the cake stall as spillages were awkward to clear from carpet).

3.16 KJ suggested we maybe don’t get out the books as they take up a large space and only brought in £12.00 on the day.

3.17 SP & WB felt they could prevent boredom while waiting for Father Christmas being sited near piano.(TW says to be aware lighting not to good here so they may need a lamp.

3.18 Price of Bottle Tombola discussed, LJ & LB, stall holders fed back that people not happy with choc supplements. Next year we will have £1 a go all win a bottle – whatever in bottle, 0 and 5 etc. takes too long and stall takes a long time to clear. (It is a gamble!)

3.19 LH says savoury baking sold very well. We need to approach the savoury bakers too (Luke’s Grandma particularly as her Cheese pies were a hit!)

3.20 School will be taking over the Games tables next year so we need to plan for this.

3.21 Uniform rail didn’t go too well but worth getting out as already set up, could be supervised by the Raffle team.

3.22 CC will approach RE for any feedback from the Biscuit stall & VL for Chocolate Tombola.


4.  Unused donations

      4.1 Unused toys – offered to school, remainder taken to Hyndburn Stray Dogs in Need.

      4.2 Remains from gift stall will be on tombola at Advent Sherry Morning and proceeds split with Church.

      4.3 Father Christmas presents have been ‘sold on’ to After School Club.

      4.4 Left over Chocolate tombola will be on sale at Christmas Plays.

      4.5 Raffle prizes for Christmas Plays have already been put to one side from the donations.

      4.6 Remaining bottles have been date checked and will be used for next bottle tombola.

      4.7 Bottle of wine and Mints from Ossy Mills will be used at Beetle Drive.


5. Help after the Fair

5.1 It may be helpful to have another couple of pairs of hands on the Monday after the fair to sort out the       left over stock and help sort the boxes prior to putting back in the loft. Names to be sought next year.


  1. Date of next meeting: Monday 20th January 2014 at 6.30 pm.

Please note change of time for those who attended the meeting. In hindsight without a secretary and the usual attendees we are moving back to 6.30 pm.


Minutes: C Crowe









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