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Year 1 - Acorn

Welcome to Acorn class!












Welcome to Acorn class (year 1) we were so happy to see all the children back at school this week and we are looking forward to our time together. 

This year, we are lucky enough to have Mrs Leyva who will be completing her teaching qualification with us this year so she will be gradually building up to sharing the teaching with myself.  We also have Mrs Maden as our TA this year which will help the children with their transition from Reception as she got to know them so well last year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at school or use our class email address - - which is checked regularly.

Mrs Barker, Mrs Leyva and Mrs Maden




Monday Two new reading books sent home

P.E. - please send your child to school in a black/navy tracksuit with a plain white t-shirt.


Reading books to be collected for quarantine


*Please try and listen to your child read every night and return their books and reading records to school daily.


This half term we will be using the book Harry the Happy Mouse as a focus.  The children will start by exploring rhyming language and use the basis of Hickory Dickory Dock to create their own version of the poem.

Following this we will then explore the story in detail, looking at the main events before the children can use this to write their own story in a familiar setting.

Before we finish for half term, we will move on to look at non fiction texts and how they include facts.  The children will write their own non fiction text based around and animal.

Maths this half term will be based mainly around number.  To begin, we will revise some of the objectives from Reception to check the children's learning.  This will include, counting objects and identifying numbers, identifying one more and less and counting on from a specific number.  We will also look at the place value of teen numbers and those beyond 20.

Following this we will complete some measurement work looking at how to measure lengths and heights using non-standard measurements to begin with and then a ruler. We will also be comparing them to identify which are taller/shorter/longer.

Before half term we will start to complete some simple addition and subtraction calculations using objects.



Science - Seasonal Changes

This half term in Science we will be focussing on the Seasons, in particularly Autumn.  We will be looking at the features of each of the seasons, their order and how they effect the weather and what we can wear/do in each. 

Home Sweet Home

History - we will look at house over time.  We will identify the different types of houses and use pictures and video clips to identify how they have changes over time in the way they are built and the decorations and items used within them.

Geography - following our History work, after half term, we will look at our local area.  We will use our new knowledge of houses to look at what houses we have in our local area.  We will also look at local attractions and how the space is used.

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