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Community Cohesion Policy


Community Cohesion Policy

(January  2015)

Mission Statement

We at Benjamin Hargreaves strive for excellence in education by providing a safe, secure, caring family environment, where all are valued and respected as individuals, enabling them to reach their full potential, whilst growing in their love and understanding of the Christian Faith.

This policy applies to all governors, staff, pupils, parents/carers, volunteers and visitors to our School.


School context

Benjamin Hargreaves has 160 pupils on Roll of whom more than 70% are of British white ethnicity and more than 20 % from other cultural backgrounds, predominantly Asian Heritage.

Our School is committed to our whole school policies relating to community cohesion, equal opportunities and race relations. We are also committed to regular reviews and updates of whole school and curriculum practices relating to community cohesion.

Caring for and respecting others is at the heart of our relationships.  It is our desire to enhance the personal development of all pupils and to promote honesty, loyalty, tolerance, self management and a concern for each other and the environment, resulting in a school that is friendly, calm and orderly. 


Community Cohesion

Lancashire County Council’s definition states: "Community cohesion in Lancashire means people working together and respecting the differences in our society" which we, at Benjamin Hargreaves  have adopted.

Aims of the policy

  • Our Community Cohesion Policy builds upon our Mission Statement, core values and  School Ethos.
  • We recognise our duty to promote equality of opportunity and inclusion.
  • We encourage our pupils to actively engage with others to understand what they all hold in common, strengthen and celebrate the diversity of cultures and backgrounds within the whole School community. 

We aim to achieve this by:

  • treating all those within the whole School community as individuals with their own particular abilities, background and experiences.
  • creating a School Ethos, which promotes community cohesion, race equality, develops understanding and challenges stereotypes, misconceptions and prejudices.
  • encouraging everyone within the School community to gain a positive self image and high self-esteem.
  • promoting mutual self–respect, valuing each other’s similarities and differences and facing equality issues openly.
  • supporting the development of the skills, knowledge, understanding and motivation pupils need to become active citizens who recognise the rights and responsibilities of everyone.
  • providing opportunities for positive interaction and the building of relationships with people from a range of different backgrounds both in our local community and the wider society.
  • ensuring pupils receive a broad and balanced education which allows them to reach their full potential.



Governors will ensure that:

  • that the School complies with its duty to promote Community Cohesion;
  • all our current policies are assessed for their impact in relation to community cohesion;
  • one member of the Governing Body has the responsibility for monitoring the policy and acting as the designated Governor for Community Cohesion.

The Headteacher will ensure that:

  • this policy is readily available and governors, staff, pupils and their parents/carers have access to the policy and are updated on any changes;
  • all staff understand their responsibilities and receive appropriate support and training where necessary;
  • this policy and its procedures are followed.

All staff will ensure that:

  • they understand their responsibilities;
  • they promote equality of opportunity and positive attitudes to diversity in accordance with this policy and other relevant policies.

Pupils will be encouraged to recognise and respect the rights and responsibilities of the School and wider community

Parents/Carers will be asked to support the School in the aims of this policy and positively encourage their children to respect the diversity in our community.

Teaching, learning and curriculum

  • All subject areas will be reviewed regularly to ensure the curriculum promotes awareness of diversity, shared values, exploration of identity and human rights where appropriate.
  • Subject Leaders will monitor resources and the curriculum in their subject area to ensure they meet the aims of this policy.
  • Teaching methods will, where appropriate, encourage discussion, questioning and reflection e.g. Circle Time and collaborative learning etc. and this will be monitored through planning documentation and observations.
  • The Senior Leadership Team will monitor teaching and learning.
  • The School will fulfil its commitment to community cohesion by creating a learning environment where all pupils can contribute fully and feel valued.
  • Staff will receive relevant training and support to ensure they feel confident in promoting discussions around sensitive issues.
  • The Collective Worship Planning Committee will promote Community Cohesion through the daily act of worship and assemblies.

Equality and excellence

  • In line with our Race Equality Policy, data will be rigorously analysed to identify pupils at risk of underachieving and appropriate intervention strategies will be utilised.
  • We will work collaboratively with our pupils to address barriers to achievement.

Engagement and Extended Services

  • We will continue to develop links with other schools (primary, secondary and special) which are curriculum/pastoral based and which encourage communication on a range of topics.
  • We will work collaboratively to establish stronger links with our local community.
  • We will facilitate smooth transition by effective communication e.g. signpost networks/groups in the community



The Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body will monitor the policy and evaluate its impact on our School and its community.



Designated Teacher          Julie Nicol


Designated Governor       Janet Clunie



To be reviewed:      January 2017

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