Benjamin Hargreaves C.E Primary School Voluntary Aided

Every child, every day, to learn, to laugh, to love and pray.



In English we are reading the Fairytale - The Lost Happy Endings. We will be focusing upon using fronted adverbials and writing longer, more complex sentences. We will be writing setting descriptions and exploring the characters before writing our own story ending.  We will also be reading newspaper reports and writing our own report based on a fairytale event.


In Maths we will be focusing upon decimals and fractions. We will be learning about tenths and hundredths and understanding what to different happens to numbers when we divide by 10 and 100. We will also be solving calculations and problems involving money as well as learning to read the 24 hour clock and use timetables.


Our topic is 'Growing Plant and Gardening'. We will be exploring the factors affecting the growth of plants.  We will explore the requirements of different plant varieties and experiement growing different plants around school.


We are learning about the European Country Greece.  We will be focusing upon physical and human features and comparing it with England.  We will look at similarities, differences focus on the impact of geographical changes in Greece.


We are learning about the religion Buddhism.  We will become familiar with the story of Buddha and learn about some of the Buddhists beliefs and teachings such as keeping the five promises and the eight fold path and the four noble truths. They will have the opportunity to express their own feelings and make comparisions with Buddhism and another faith.

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