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Hope you have had as enjoyable half-term as possible, making the most of the sunshine! This weeks 'Home learning' is based around the story of 'Handa's suprise.' There is lots of opportunity for 'fruity fun,' which encourage you to get your '5 a-day' and stay fit and healthy! Please keep an eye on the school's website and Facebook page for the latest updates, and stay in touch. You can contact me at

Hop to see you all soon!

Stay safe,

Love Mrs.Jones.x



Please select the phonic activity most suitable for your child's ability from the options below.

What can you find out about Africa, especially Kenya, where Handa is from? Use some of the links recommended on this week's pdf or look at some of the power points on Twinkl. How is Africa different from England? Can you find them both on a map/globe?

Can you colour the flag the correctly?

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