Benjamin Hargreaves C.E Primary School Voluntary Aided

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D.T. Textiles - Creating, designing and making a 'utility belt' (if we were to journey through the Amazon Jungle). Here we are practising our sewing skills.

Geography field work - investigating streams.

The Great Kapok Tree Assembly (Church) - Friday 28th January

Spring term began with our DT module - Making toys using 'cams'! What fun we had by investigating, researching, designing, making and evaluating.

Next, we used IT as a source to research Brazilian animals (native) and movement.

Researching 'native' Brazilian animals

After initially investigating how 'cams' and 'followers' (mechanical components) work, we then designed our own toy and began to make them.

Now see our finished products that we are very proud of! Didn't we do well? smiley

Science - Investigating our very own 'bird beak buffet'!

Independent home learning - inspired by our week of DT and 'CAMS'.

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