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Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

Overview of the geography of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.

Autumn 2 - children will learn about:

  • Mount Everest - the landscape, topography and weather.
  • Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary - May 1953
  • Mapping Mountains - identify and locate significant mountain ranges on earth
  • Use Ordnance Survey maps to understand topography. contour lines, keys, 4 & 6 figure grid references, distance scale and direction.
  • Plate tectonics and how the earth's crust moves to form mountains
  • Why and how volcanoes erupt and identifying and locating volcanoes
  • The advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano
  • Where earthquakes are located, why they happen, how they happen and the aftermath


Subject content areas:

  • Locational knowledge (name and locate the world’s mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, concentrating on their key human and physical characteristics)
  • Place knowledge (understanding geographical similarities and differences between the UK, Europe and North and South America)
  • Physical geography (describe and understand key aspects of mountains volcanoes and earthquakes)
  • Human geography (describe and understand key aspects of types of settlement and land use)
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork (use maps and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied)
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