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Year 4 Homework

Home Reading Comprehension Questions


Your child will bring home two reading books every Monday.  Please encourage your child to read daily.  Listen to them read aloud at least three times a week.  Please write comments in their reading diary.  Ask them questions about the meaning of new vocabulary and the characters and events to support their understanding.



Spellings are given each Friday to learn at home and tested the following Friday in school. This weeks spellings list is:

Week 6: 15th- 23rd October - Suffixes - Double Consonants

beginning, beginner, preferring, preferred, controlling, controlled, occurred, occurring, forgetting, possess, grammar



Every week Maths tasks will be set on 'My Maths' linked to learning in class.

Your child's log in details are on the inside of their reading record.

There is a lesson to complete first, then some homework questions.

Please click on the blue 'mark it' button in the bottom right corner to save the work.

School portal username  = benjamin

School portal password = compass16




Week 6:  15th- 23rd  October :  Recall x 9 facts

Nine times table multiplication and related division facts

There will be a timed test every Friday to see how many facts can be recalled in 3 minutes. The aim is that children increase their own personal scores and speed over time.




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