Benjamin Hargreaves C.E Primary School Voluntary Aided

Every child, every day, to learn, to laugh, to love and pray.


For the remainder of this half term every day we are having a 'Back to basics' session which I would like you to also work on at home.  I have attached a selection of sheets to support you in doing this at home and regular practice is the key.

Every week, please spend time with your child on - 

Letter formation

Number formation

Reading and writing the high frequency words attached - split these up and cover maybe 2/3 a week

Writing first and last names if your child can't do this independently yet


We aren't expecting children to hand homework in however if there is anything you would like to share, please feel free to send pictures to our email address.


Phonics sounds we have covered so far for revision at home - 







Try asking your child to read and write simple words with these sounds in.

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