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Remote Home Learning

15th January - Online worker of the Week - Well done Kayley!

This is a simple timetable for you to follow if you wish. It shows which lessons we will be teaching to the children in school and when.

Science - what is it like in Winter?  Go for a Winter walk and explore what we can see/hear/smell and feel outside in Winter.  Write 5 sentences in your home learning book to describe this.

Geography - we are learning about the UK. With your child identify the 4 countries that make up the UK and identify them on this map.

Art - look at the work of David McEown and recreate on of his penguin pieces.  This can be done using whatever you have at home - pencil crayons, paint etc.

PE - try these mini workouts

R.E. - this half term we will be learning about Baptism.  We all belong to God's family but what other groups do you belong to?  You may be a part of a dance group, football team and not forgetting that you are part of your own family!

Make a picture or book drawing pictures to represent what different groups you are part of.

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