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Isolation Home Learning

  English Maths

Think about the story 'The Way Home for Wilf'. Use the story map worksheet to retell the story. Now practice learning the story by heart ready to innovate the original story.

Use the interactive 100 square splat to practise counting forward and back in twos, fives, threes and tens. Complete the number sequence worksheet.
Wednesday We are starting to innovate the original story by changing the setting and characters. Use a large piece of paper to draw and label ideas for a new story. In class, we are changing the setting to the Savannah and are choosing animals, such as zebras, lions, elephants to help the character find his way home. Use the placing numbers on a number line activity sheet to position numbers in the correct place on the number line.

Use the story map worksheet to create a new plan for the story. The story will be very similar to the original story, but with different characters and settings.

Rounding. Use the rounding activity sheet to practice rounding numbers to the nearest ten.

Follow your new story map to write the opening of the story. This will be up to the section where your new character becomes lost. Remember to include:

*capital letters

*full stops

*finger spaces

*conjunctions (and, because, but, so)

Complete the ordering 2 digit numbers worksheet. Remember to look at the tens part of the number to help you decide the smallest/largest numbers.



We are learning food chains. Have a look at the PowerPoint and create your own food chains using the food chains activity sheet.

English 21.9.2020

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