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Parental involvement in our children's education




(June 2016)


Mission Statement

We, at Benjamin Hargreaves, strive for excellence in education by providing a safe, caring family environment, where all are valued and respected as individuals, enabling them to reach their full potential, whilst growing in their love and understanding of the Christian Faith.


Benjamin Hargreaves School encourages parents/carers to take an active role in the education of their children.


Most parents/carers want:

  • the best for their children, i.e. a caring/high quality education;
  • regular, reliable and accessible information about what the school does and how this affects their children;
  • information that makes sense about their children’s progress, achievements and problems;
  • practical help to identify ways in which they can support their children’s learning and development.


What is parental involvement?

The School and parents/carers all have crucial roles to play and the impact is greater if parents and School work in partnership. There are two strands to parental involvement:-

  • parents/carers’ involvement in the life of School. 
  • their involvement in support of the individual child at home and at School.


School aims:

  • to establish and maintain good relationships with parents, carers and families;
  • to provide parents/carers with regular, accessible information about the life and work of the school;
  • to build a sense of shared identity and common purpose;
  • to communicate with parents/carers on a range of topics including pupil progress, safety issues, curricular development, out of School activities etc;
  • to act as a focus for contact with other agencies;
  • to help pupils and parents/carers through transition;
  • to provide parents/carers with opportunities to learn in School.


How we encourage Parental Involvement

  • a weekly School newsletter/class newsletters/letters from School with information; School Website; pupil reports;
  • two parents’ evenings each year, parental workshops, working groups, transition meetings and curriculum evenings;
  • invite parents/carers to get involved in new initiatives;
  • invite all parents to support School events;
  • pre-admission/induction visits and discussions;
  • membership of the Governing Body – 2 elected parent governors
  • attendance at class assemblies, children’s performances, sports events, Awards Afternoon, Church services;
  • Church-home-school links are fostered through shared activities.



The School undertakes to:

  • operate an open door policy.
  • encourage parents/carers to volunteer in School and arrange disclosure and barring checks as required;
  • arrange induction of volunteers


Parent/carer helpers must be aware and respect the confidentiality of their work in School.


Review date:  June  2019



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