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Remote Home Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning page


Hello everyone, 

I hope that you are all ok.  I am so sorry that we won't be spending out last week together.  You have been a fantastic class to teach and you have all worked very hard.

I have put some fun activities for you do to online so that you can enjoy your last week of school.


See you all soon

Mrs Robinson





Today is a pirate themed day. There are some pirate themed activities and there is a link and password to the panto that we should have watched today.



As part of DT, we were going to make some of our granola bars. Try some different cereal bars if you have some or think about some of your favourite.  Complete the booklet attached and design your own bar.


I have put a link to a recipe that we were going to follow so you can have a go at making them if you have some of the ingredients. Don't worry if not.  You can just design your own bar and maybe design an advert to sell your granola bar. 




Today I want you to think about your year in Year 3 and what you are looking forward to in Year 4.


I have attached a few memory activities and some transition work.



Today is the last day so have some fun. I have attached some mindfulness colouring and some other fun activities for you.


Enjoy your summer!

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