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Remote Home Learning

English - We are going to be writing our own poem by the end of the week.


Monday - Re-read the poem The Dinosaur's Dinner. Using your plan from Friday write the poem The Dinosaur's Dinner, without using the real version. See how much you can remember and if you can use all the rhyming words. 

Tuesday - Think of a different animal that we could invite for tea, think of one that is big and that might each a lot. Once you have thought of your animal, Think of things around a house that he could eat. Make a list of things the animal can eat and a word that rhymes with it. 

English Worksheets

Maths -

Monday - Looking at doubles today, complete the worksheets and write the addition number sentences for each. 

Tuesday - Try play the doubles game on the link below. 

If you can use the number generator to find a random number between 1-30, if you can not use the weblink choose random numbers up to 30 to double. 

Use the number line to help with the addition of larger numbers. 



Doubles game




Monday afternoon - P.E 

You can follow some Joe Wicks videos from Youtube or do any exercises at home you can think of. 

Tuesday afternoon - P.E

We will be practising ball skills and control. If you have a football or tennis ball and practise throwing and catching. If this is not possible do some more workout videos to keep you active. 






Keep practicing phase 5 phonemes. Play games like phonic sound bingo, pairs with phonemes and making alien (nonsense) words with phase 5 sounds. 


Play phonics games that include phase 5, these are the latest sounds children should know. 

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