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Remote Home Learning

Reading Comprehension - The Little Prince

English LO: To identify and use the 5 W’s + 1 H (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How)

Maths LO: +/- fractions (same denominator or multiple of same number) -15.11.21

Tuesday 16th November - Reading Comprehension (Bananaman)

16.11.2021 Maths LO: To recognise families of common equivalent fractions.

Wednesday 17th November - Reading Comprehension (A Storm is Brewing)

Wednesday 17th November English: Report Writing Task

17.11.21 Maths LO: To find fractions of amounts and quantities

Thursday 18th November Reading LO: Comprehension - Usain Bolt

18.11.21 Maths LO: To recognise and write decimal fractions of tenths

Thursday 18th November LO: To use inverted commas for direct speech.

Friday 19th November 2021 - An Egg-cellent Competition (Reading-Comprehension)

Thursday 19th November - English LO: Spellings practise with complex sentences.

19.11.21 Maths LO: To secure my knowledge of the 11x tables.

Home Learning for weekend of the 19th November.


You are now learning about your 12x tables - remember your response of the answer should be by rapid recall, so practise, practise, practise!


Your spellings are on different pages of the pdf, so choose your group's to practise ready for next week's test / practise session.


You should be reading a book daily for a minimum of 10 minutes and recalling all of your other times-tables too.


Have a lovely weekend and get well soon, everybody!



22.11.21 Maths LO: To add and subtract near multiple of ten and then adjust.

Monday 22nd November - Reading LO: To develop comprehension skills from multiple sources.

English (Success Criteria for a Newspaper Report about Queen Victoria and an example of a report with the features.)

Tuesday 23rd November LO: To develop vocabulary, retrieval, comparison/ contract and inference skills in reading.

Tuesday 23rd November - English LO: To develop my skills with direct speech.

23/11/21 LO: To +/- mentally to the nearest 10, by partitioning.

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