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Remote Home Learning

Home Learning.


You have now learnt all of your x-tables, upto 12. Your response of the answer to them should be by rapid recall, so practise, practise, practise!


Your spellings that are given to you on a Friday will be tested the following Friday, so remember to practise them regularly. These should be recalled from no on, not just for a test! 


You should also be reading a book daily for a minimum of 5/ 10 minutes and and be able to discuss, answer questions, retrieve information about it with an adult or elder sibling.


Always remember to be the best you can be and aim for the stars.



Other accessible websites for you to enjoy games, videos and tasks so that you can continue your learning through your own avenue of choice, includes:

Comprehension - UKS2 - Year 5/6

Comprehension - LKS2 - Year 3/4

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