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Remote Home Learning

Hi  -  please email me examples of your work and I will award you Dojo points! If you can't email then just bring in when you return from isolation. 

Also email me if you have questions.


Mr Hill

The Windmill Farmer

Write a short story including speech.
The man could be talking to himself or he could be talking to the windmills and nurturing them. He could even be cursing the weather!

Equivalent Fractions

Watch this video before trying the equivalent fraction activity!

Tuesday 23rd November (watch the video below)

The Windmill Farmer

Write a persuasive letter from the farmer to the God of weather. Include Rhetorical questions, adjectives to show emotion and paragraphs for each reason (including an introduction and final paragraph). What do you think the farmer maybe growing the windmills for (think about renewable energy).

The Windmill Farmer

Write a story about the farmer and try and include adjectives to describe the landscape, the farmer and his emotions.

Thursday English Persuasive Text - M&S video

Use the advert to describe your own favourite food! See the document for Thursday's English.

Thursday afternoon Science

Watch the video and create an information text about these amazing creatures. Draw diagrams and label the features of a specific insect or create a word document or powerpoint document and add images.

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Learn the colours in French

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