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                             Reception Class

Happy New Year! We have got straight to back to learning with our 'Eco- Week' which has been really interesting. We had fun sorting lots of rubbish into the correct recycling bags and boxes, after deciding what materials they were made from.We have also been thinking about how important water is and how we can save it by turning taps off when we've finished, by having a shower instead of a deep bath and by collecting rain water for gardening. We have made some exciting additions to our outdoor area, and hope things will start to grow soon as we enter Spring. 

Our new topic of 'People who help us' is proving popular, and we have already interviewed Mr.Miller our site supervisor and Mrs.Buckley, our bursar. This week George's daddy, who is a postman, came in to talk about his job and show us his uniform and some of the things he needs for work.

We are enjoying dressing up as various people who help us, including builders and town planners in the 'Construction area.'We have just opened a 'Health centre' with a doctor/nurse's surgery, a dentists and an opticians.(so if you have any old glasses please send them in for us to play with.) We shall be interviewing a nurse and then having real sight tests next week!

In maths we shall be measuring and comparing sizes, linked to our construction activities., and relating 'Time' to our daily routines and those of people in various jobs.

Please continue to hear your child read daily. Books can be changed on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays. We share books as part of Guided Reading in class every Wednesday and are looking forward to some exciting new books arriving soon! 

P.E. will continue every Friday, so please ensure any earrings are removed, and that all clothing is easy to remove/put back on, and is clearly named.

Our volunteer librarian,Mrs.A.Hindle will continue to change library books every Wednesday so please try to return books weekly.

Mrs.B.Whelan will join us on Thursday afternoons to play turn-taking games with the children.

Talk homework will continue to be issued every Friday. Children love talking about it with their classmates weekly. Children will continue to bring home new 'Tricky words,' and any 'target' phonemes that they aren't yet sure of to practise at home..

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs.L.Jones (Classteacher), Mrs.A.Maden,, Mrs.A.Smith and Miss. S.Meakin. (Teaching assistants.)

Eco Week

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Enjoying our outdoor area

Making Bird Feeders

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Enjoying the wet weather

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Medical Centre

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