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Dear Parents/Carers,

As school shall be closed from Friday 20th March, we aim to help you to support your child’s ‘learning at home’ as much as possible.



Hopefully you have been practicing target phonemes that were sent home where necessary, as well as tricky words they are unfamiliar with. There are lots of phonic games they can play online, and many sites are offering free access to numerous activities at this difficult time.


twinkl (Password UKTWINKLHELPS)

Please practice letter and number formation, making sure they start from the correct point and form them correctly.

Continue to share books with your child, encouraging them to read texts which are at their level. With stories, please discuss features such as the setting, the plot, the characters, the opening and the ending of the story. Ask questions, and encourage them to make predictions about what might happen next, or in the end. Traditional tales such as Fairy Stories can spark their imaginations and encourage them to write their own stories, perhaps.

Look at information books, spotting features such as a ‘contents’ page, an index and a glossary. Talk about how photos are used as well as diagrams, instead of illustrations, and how titles and labels are used. Your child could make an information book about a subject that really interests them, researching it on the internet with your help.


It is important to keep your children counting to 20 and beyond! Can they say which number comes before or after a given number? Can they write the numbers in the correct order, forming them correctly? Now is a good time to learn the days of the week. Can you make a simple diary showing what you did on each day? You could do the same with times of the day too.

e.g. 8 o’clock-Got up and dressed

       9 o’clock-Ate breakfast, etc.

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, so you could do a shape hunt around your home. You could test out the qualities of 3D shapes, using everyday items like tins (cylinders), balls (spheres) and boxes (cubes-square ones, and cuboids-rectangular boxes.) Can you stack them, slide them, build with them? Etc.

You could even make junk models with the empty boxes and containers!

You can also try fun interactive activities on

Simple addition and subtraction can be done through playing shop. Children can write the cost of various items (their toys, or tins/packets from your store cupboard) then using real pennies you can take turns to be shop keeper and customer. Model the language you would use too.E.g.Good morning.Do you have any much would it cost me to buy 2 tins of beans? Introduce counting in twos by paying for even numbered items with 2p coins. How much change would you get from 5p if they bought 2 tins of beans at 2p each?Etc. Have fun! I would love to see photos of them which you can send to my class page-sapling@brnjaminhargreaves.lancs,


Following on from our topic of ‘Dinosaurs’ children could continue their fact finding, and you could even do a virtual tour of the Dippy the dinosaur experience, as we sadly had to cancel our real trip.

Now is a good time to do some planting. You can grow beans or potatoes quite easily in a grow bag in a sunny spot of your yard or garden, or plant some sweet peas, sunflowers or nastursiums in the hope of a colourful summer!

Sprinkling cress seeds on moist tissue/cotton wool in the bottom of an empty boiled egg shell should result in ‘cress hair’ which can be cut and used in an egg and cress sandwich or sprinkled on a salad. You could draw a face on the egg shell to make a crazy egg character!

Perhaps you could decorate an egg, or have an egg rolling competition, measuring which rolls the furthest as Easter approaches.

You could create a mini Easter garden in a tray, or do some Easter baking. (Chocolate crispy nests are an easy option for beginners.)

Children could watch the Easter story online and perhaps draw or write about this special time, finding out about Easter customs we have here and abroad.

Please keep an eye on our class page for regular updates.

24/3/20 Instilling Inspiration-You tube channel, will be putting on new ideas daily, including fun fitness

                Discovery education are offering free access until the end of May


User name:student 17937

Generic school password:discovery2020


Latest useful website with resources

Missing you all and wishing you a healthy and blessed Easter.

With love,

Mrs.L.Jones, Mrs.A.Maden and Miss.M.Nasir


                             Reception Class

We started this half-term thinking about Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) and the beginning of Lent as we lead up to Easter. We made, and ate, pancakes and enjoyed stories such as 'Mr.Wolf's Pancakes.' We are hoping that Spring will arrive bringing some exciting new additions to our outdoor area, and encourage you to look for signs of Spring all around you. 

Our topic was 'Dinosaurs' and we have been 'Roaring into reading' in our Dino-themed reading area. We had a Small World 'Dinosaur Land' and a 'Palaeontologists' laboratory' where children have been digging and excavating evidence of Prehistoric times. 

In Maths we measured and compared sizes of dinosaurs. We also recapped 2D shapes. We shall be beginning to do simple addition problems, as well as thinking about 1 more and 1 less than a given number.

Our new Guided Reading books have now arrived and have been enjoyed in school in our group reading sessions weekly.Please continue to hear your child read daily. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs.L.Jones (Classteacher), Mrs.A.Maden,, Mrs.A.Smith and Miss. M.Nasir. (Teaching assistants.)

Pancake day

Dinosaur week

Enjoying the snow and frost

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