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Reception - Saplings


New Parents' Evening Arrangements


We have now reached the end of our topic of 'Autumn,' having noticed all the changes that are going on around us and in our outdoor area. Over half term enjoy Autumn walks where you can collect conkers to count, and crunch through all the fallen leaves, or enjoy throwing them up and catching them! If it's wet, get your wellies on, so you can have a good splash in the puddles!

We have been enjoying pumpkin stories and information books, so maybe you could carve a pumpkin with a grown-up's help, and use the flesh inside to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie/muffins/cookies, etc.




In Maths we have been focussing particularly on numbers 1 to 5, recognising the numerals, learning to form them correctly, and counting out the correct number of objects for each. We have been counting how many leaves we can find and how many conkers we have collected, and thought about 'real' number problems like 'If I had 4 acorns and a squirrel took one, how many would I have left?' and 'If I had 3 leaves and a hedgehog brought me two more, how many would we have?' You could use conkers you find on your Autumn walks to count and solve 'real life  maths problems.'

We are still working hard to form our numbers correctly, and the right way round. So, please practice using the number formation sheet in the homework section (which shows you how to form numerals correctly.)

In our daily 'Phonics' sessions we continue to learn our 'Letters and sounds' and practise them along with 'Tricky words.' ( Words which don't follow a regular spelling pattern.e.g. I, go, to, the, no.) Children will continue to bring home the letters and sounds we have been focussing on to practise at home. Simple letter formation sheets in the homework section show you how to ensure they are forming the letters (graphemes) we have learnt correctly. Now we have learnt phase 2 sounds (phonemes) we shall be blending them together orally to make simple words. e.g. s a t =sat. We call this 'Sound talking' and use our arms like a robot as we sound out the letters, then say the word.(Metal Micky the puppet helps us to do this in class!)

They will also bring home the 'Tricky words' we have learnt to practice reading, and writing them if they are able.

Homework 23.10.20

Our phonemes this week are l,h and b, which we call 'long ladder letters' as they all start at the top and come down first. Practise writing these over half term, along with the other phase 2 letters we have learnt-s a t p i n m d g o c k e u f

Try putting 3 together then blending to make a word e.g.p e g -peg

There are some fun phase 2 games on 'Phonics play' website, or you could try 'Poopdeck pirate' or 'Phoneme pop.'



Today we are listening to the story of 'Pumpkin Soup' by Julia Donaldson

Perhaps you could make it at home, or find some other recipes using pumpkin to try?

You could send us some photos of you cooking or of your finished goodies and let us know what they tasted like!


This week we shall be talking about scarecrows and reading/listening to 'The Scarecrows wedding' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler




Scarecrow colour by numbers

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