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Earth and the Solar system - Autumn 2

Autumn 2 - the children will be learning about: 


  • The 3 different planet classifications and compare the planets
  • How ancient astronomers developed the geocentric model
  • How the moon moves around the earth and the 8 phases of the moon
  • The formation of the solar system
  • Why there is day and night 
  • Hopefully we can end the unit by making a sundial. 



Autumn 1 - Healthy Eating

This term we will look at the different food types and the advantages and disadvantages of too much and too little of each type. We will produce a detailed meal plan for different people, compare sugars and fats of different food types and examine what athletes need to keep them in tip top condition. 


Furthermore we will look into substances that are very harmful for the body and mind and look at ways of keeping away from these. 

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