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Year 5 - Beech

Enjoy the Easter holidays! We hope you all have a lovely time with your families (try not to eat too much chocolate).

Miss Routh and Mrs Safdar

A Glint of Gold- Told by Beech Class

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Beech class wanted to share some of their learning about Ancient Egyptians. Well done to everybody, you did a fabulous job! Although I don't think the same can be said for Miss Routh's videoing skills!


For the remainder of this half term our class novel is 'The Explorer' By Katherine Rundell. We will be creating setting descriptions from the book, exploring character thoughts, feelings and motives and creating our own Amazon adventure stories. 


In Maths we will focus on addition and subtraction for week 1, multiplication in week 2 and division in week 3. As always we will continue to improve our multiplication and division facts across the weeks and also apply our knowledge to problem solving and reasoning. 

We are continuing our topic of Earth and Space this term. We will focus on the movement of the Earth and moon, the different phases of the moon and learn about how the earth's rotation gives us day and night. 

For the rest of the term, we will continue to explore who Jesus was, in relation to ourselves and others. We will learn different names or roles he was/is known as, how peoples views of Jesus may differ and develop our own view of who Jesus was. 

We will continue our topic of the Ancient Egyptians for the remainder of this term. We will explore the importance of religion and gods/goddesses in Ancient Egyptian times, compare modern day Egypt with Ancient Egypt and work together to present our new found knowledge on this topic in a creative way (watch this space). 

More Home Learning

Erin's tour of the Solar System

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Colby's WWII Propaganda Advert

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Rebecca's Volcanic Eruption

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Rebecca's WWII Propaganda Advert

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Year 5 Cricket Session (11/11/2020)

DT WEEK (19th- 23rd October) To design and produce a 3D money container using 2D pieces

Evaluating existing products

Practising different types of stitches

An experiment to find out the effects of sugary drinks on our teeth!

Presenting our researched myths and legends

Some of our finished Bronze Age shields

Painting our Bronze Age shields

Investigating how much sugar is in our favourite drinks!


Today we started making our Bronze Age shields

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