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Sports Funding

Use of Sports Premium Funding 2017 -18


The government is providing additional funding to improve the provision of PE and sport in primary school. For the 2017/18 academic year our school received £17,720.00 based on our number of pupils.


We will use this funding to continue our commitment to the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley School Sports Partnership to ensure high levels of inter-school competition for a large number of children. The cost of being part of the partnership is £900 annually. We participate in the Hyndburn Football League and Hyndburn Netball League, offering many children the opportunity to represent school in competition. During the year children will be given the opportunity to compete in football, girls football, netball, hockey, golf, athletics, cross-country, gymnastics and basketball, rugby, swimming, tennis, cricket, orienteering, curling and dance. Pupils with SEND will attend an Inclusive Multi-Sports event. All children will compete in Level 1 intra-school School Games each half-term, which provides all the pupils with competitive sport opportunities and the pupils in Key Stage 2 will have an opportunity to represent our school in Level 2 School Games in a number of different competitions throughout the year.


Some of our gifted and talented pupils have attended 3 sessions with pupils from other schools to participate in sport with greater challenge at a cost of £100.


All the pupils in year 5 will attend a special multi-skills event at a cost of £150.


The school have already purchased a range of items to develop different sporting skills such as large equipment to develop Physical Development in the EYFS including 2 scooters, 3 trikes, a spinner, balance beam etc. New basketballs, hockey kit, Petanque, curling, new Samba goal posts, sets of new soft balls, beanbags and a new set of different coloured bibs for sporting team games. The cost of these resources is £1758.95. These resources will be used in PE lessons and will also be used to develop sporting involvement at playtimes and lunchtimes.


A new general sports kit has been purchased to ensure all participants in events have a school kit. A yellow kit has also been purchased in addition to the burgundy kit so that two teams from the school can be easily identified during interschool events at a cost of £120.


Accrington Stanley is going to be running a lunchtime Club (1 term) for Year 3 and 4 pupils at a cost of £280.


A specialist gymnastics teacher will be leading gymnastics for 4 classes over a term. (autumn 2 and spring 1). The pupils will access 6 one hour sessions and this will also be CPD for the class teacher. The cost of this is £750.



A specialist Dance teacher will be leading Dance for 4 classes over a term. (spring 2 and summer 1). The pupils will access 6 one hour sessions and this will also be CPD for the class teacher. The Dance teacher will also lead 2 afterschool clubs over the term, allowing up to 40 pupils to access extra-curricular Dance. The cost of this is £1000.


We will be using approximately £500 on the transportation of pupils to and from sporting events over the coming year.


A specialist golf coach will be working with the school for 1 term with 2 classes and will also lead a golfing lunchtime club for up to 30 pupils. The cost of this is £480.


A games coach will be working with the school for a term (summer) leading the teaching of invasion games and outdoor sporting activities. The games coach will lead 2 after school clubs for up to 40 pupils. The cost of the sports coach is £1000.


Through the Partnership we receive free Playground Leaders training for our Year 6 pupils, who then deliver games at play times to children in Key Stage One – this increases opportunities for our younger pupils as well as developing skills for Year 6. We have also used the Partnership for Bikeability training for Year 5 and 6 children, where they learn valuable skills for cycling on the roads. In addition, children in the Early Years Foundation Stage participate in the Tots for Tyres scheme to develop their balance and early cycling skills.


We will also be running several playtime, lunchtime and afterschool clubs including netball, football, dance, hockey, cricket, cross country


Plans for 2017/18


  • Specialist sports coach for Gymnastics, Dance, Golf and games lessons for high quality P.E. provision and to provide Professional development for teaching staff.
  • Free extra-curricular dance and golf clubs during the year in more diverse sports.
  • Continued membership of the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley School Sports Partnership to provide a huge range of inter-school sporting competitions across both Key Stages. In addition, this will provide support for Change for Life clubs and Playground Leaders to encourage participation in younger children, with leadership opportunities for our older children.
  • Occasional transportation of children to competitions to enable increased numbers to compete – opportunity to take more than one team to events.
  • Develop the involvement of younger pupils in sporting activities such as playtime clubs. (Curling and Dance)
  • Purchase further PE equipment to enhance the teaching of sending and receiving. (ribbons/ soft foam balls/ weighed ribbons)
  • Embed ‘wake and shake’ with pupils in the EYFS during the school day.
  • Assess the sporting provision each term and purchase further resources and support in direct response to the gaps identified during assessment of PE.


Impact of Sports Premium 2017-18


  • The playground has been ‘zoned’ and pupils are supported to lead specific sporting activities in each zone. These zones are supported by a teaching assistant during playtimes to ensure pupils are supported as they play.
  • Through the increased range of sporting activities available to the pupils during playtimes and lunchtimes both on the yard we hope to see an increase in participation across the school.
  • Through working with specialist teachers we hope to see increased CPD and staff confidence in leading sporting activities. This will be monitored by the subject leader through discussion with staff following the sessions and through observation of PE sessions led by the class teacher.
  • Half termly assessments in PE are carried out at the start of each half term as a baseline and progress is assessed at the end of a unit. This progress is tracked so that the class teacher and subject leader can be monitored progress and sporting achievement.
  • All pupils will have achieved Level 1 as part of the intra school sports competition.
  • By providing transportation to and from events we will be able to increase the numbers of pupils who participate as we will be able to take 2 teams to compete.
  • Pupils in EYFS will all achieve the expected levels of development in Physical Development at the end of the EYFS.


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