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Class 4


 Welcome to Class 4!


Welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful half term holiday.


We have a busy half term ahead in the lead up to the Summer holidays.



If you ever need to see or speak to me before then, please feel free to contact me and arrange an appointment.

Mrs Barker





Year 4 children with

Mrs Whittaker

This half term we will be focusing upon:

FOLK TALES – We will be reading and comparing different folk tales.  We will collect words and phrases to use in our own folk tales.  We will explore the characters thoughts, feelings and motives and write complex sentences with adverb starters.

DEBATE – We will identify and summarise key points when reading discussion texts.  We will explore and use Standard English.  We will debate opinions for and against before writing our own discussion text on a key issue.


We will focus on different spellings each week. Each Friday they will bring spellings home.

Please encourage your child to learn and practice these.

Every Friday there will be a spelling test in class.




Year 5 children with

Mrs Barker


This half term we will be studying the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  We will look at the language used and the structure before analysing the setting and characters.  Following this, the children will create their own mythical beast to use on their own story version of the poem.  We will focus on descriptive language, simile starters and blending action, description and dialogue.





As part of our curriculum the children will receive 10 differentiated spellings each week which as part of our new homework policy they are required to learn to the best of their abilities.  If your child scores 6 or below on their Friday spelling test they will stay at playtime to practise their spellings and to be taught strategies for learning spellings at home.






Mrs Whittaker’s Maths Group  


Each week we will focus on a multiplication table and the related division facts.

 X 6 x 7 x 8  x 9  x 11 x 12      Please also encourage your child to learn at home.

Every Friday there will be a tables test in class.

This half term we will be focusing upon:

Fractions and Decimals – We will be learning to recognise equivalent fractions and compare and order fractions.  We will be finding fractions of amounts by dividing. We will also learn the decimal equivalents of fractions.

Multiplication and Division – We will double and halve numbers, including decimals, recognise and use factor pairs in mental calculations, then use estimations and inverse to check answers to problems.

Measurement – We will measure, compare, add and subtract length, mass and volume.  We will also record time in analogue and digital 12 hour and 24 hour clock and solve time interval problems.


Mrs Barker's Group

This half term we will spend time revising and building on the knowledge the children have gained over the past few months.  To begin, we will look at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.  Following this, we will complete some work on problem solving applying mathematical skills form across all areas.  We will also complete some work on shape looking at how shapes translate on a coordinates grid.



Please encourage your children to learn their times tables.



This half term we will be looking at what causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  We will also look at their devastating effects.





This half term we will be studying electricity.









Your child will need their outdoor P.E. kit on a Tuesday for athletics and on a Friday for tennis.




Weekly reminders


Please ensure your child brings their reading book every day.





Outdoor P.E. kit






Outdoor P.E. kit

Spelling and times tables test

New spellings set

Science and Healthy week

Shang Dynasty - oracle bones

Bollywood dancing

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China week

Walk to Oakhill park to sketch the war memorial

Walk to Oakhill park to sketch the war memorial 1
Walk to Oakhill park to sketch the war memorial 2
Walk to Oakhill park to sketch the war memorial 3

Queen Street Mill trip

We had a fantastic day at Queen Street Mill in Burnley.  The children experienced what life was like in a Victorian schoolroom, had a tour around the mill, tried their hands at weaving and dressed in Victorian dress and handled some artefacts.  It was a great way to consolidate all that we had learned about the Victorians over the last few weeks.

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