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Welcome to Reception class



This half-term we shall be looking for mini-beasts in our local area. We shall explore our outside area and school field, with magnifying glasses, to search for as many insects and other mini-beasts as we can find. We shall do some research on them, using information books and the internet to find out more. We shall also read some story books about them, by famous author, Eric Carle. e.g. The very hungry caterpillar, The bad-tempered ladybird, etc. Please continue to read daily with your child to help develop fluency and confidence as they get ready to move into Year 1.

We will be learning halves and doubles of numbers in maths, and trying to learn our number bonds off by heart for quick recall. We shall also do some symmetry work, using shapes, through art activities.

In P.E. we shall be doing dance on a Tuesday with Katie, incorporating rhythm sticks into our routines, and athletics with Stacey on a Friday afternoon. It is essential children have trainers as we hope to use the school field. They shall also need their trainers on Tuesday 9th July, when we hope to do Sports Day on the school field at 9.30a.m. We hope you will come and support us! As always, please be mindful of the ever changing British weather, sending named bottles of plain water daily, and sun-hats/cream when needed. Please send a rain-proof jacket daily, just in case!

Towards the end of term we shall move onto 'Under the sea' as our topic, and shall also be organising our Summer Walk, which we usually turn into a 'Bear hunt.' We shall have a few sessions in the Year 1 classroom to get us ready for transition, and get to familiarise  ourselves with our new teacher too.Then, on Friday 12th July we shall have our Graduation assembly in St.Paul's church at 9 a.m. where we hope you will join us to reminisce over the past year. Thank you for all your support this year; it has been a joy to lead your children on their first step of their educational journey here at Benjamin Hargreaves.




Please continue to listen to your child read daily and ask them about what they have read. e.g. What did they like best about the book? How could it be improved? Would they recommend it to a friend? We shall continue to have Guided reading sessions once a week when children will read and discuss a book off the next reading level as part of a small group. We have familiarised ourselves with phase 2 and 3 phonemes, and are now applying these and learning more tricky words, so please practise target letters/words which will continue to be sent home. Library day will be either Wednesday or Thursday dependent upon our volunteer librarian's  availability, so please return library books and talk homework every Wednesday. Please encourage your child to do the task themselves now that they are more independent.



In maths we shall be talking about number doubles- double 3 is 6, double 4 is 8, etc. We hope to learn number bonds to 10 for quick recall,and count consistently to 20 and beyond, saying what number comes before or after a given number. (recognising the numerals and forming them correctly.) As mentioned, we shall be looking at coins and their value and using them to buy and sell in our role-play area. Perhaps you could show your child real coins and how 2 pennies can be exchanged for a 2p, or 5 pennies can be swopped for a 5p. We will be learning to count in twos, so you could try to work out how many 2ps make 10p .



We shall continue doing P.E. each Friday and will use our outside area for physical activities daily so please ensure your child always brings a coat as the weather can change during the course of the day. On hot, sunny days, please put sun-cream on your  child before school, and send it with their name on if you need them to reapply it at lunchtime. Please send named sunhats too,and water in a named bottle.  We continue to observe the seasonal changes, and after some Spring cleaning, weeding and planting we hope to see some growth in our outdoor area!


Our volunteer,Mrs.Whelan, will continue to visit us on a Tuesday afternoon to listen to readers and Mrs.Smith will be teaching 'Stories Jesus heard' (well known parables)in R.E. every Thursday afternoon

Our school value this half-term is '' Kindness."

Thank you for your continued support,































Smithills Farm 22nd May 2019

Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019

Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 1
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 2
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 3
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 4
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 5
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 6
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 7
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 8
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 9
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 10
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 11
Mini beast Hunt 10th June 2019 12

Healthy Week 3rd-7th June

Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 1 Dance
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 2
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 3
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 4
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 5 Athletics
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 6
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 7
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 8
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 9 Enjoying smoothies
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 10 Exercises to keep us healthy
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 11 Healthy meal
Healthy Week 3rd-7th June 12
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