Benjamin Hargreaves C.E Primary School Voluntary Aided

Every child, every day, to learn, to laugh, to love and pray.

Our School Staff

Benjamin Hargreaves CE Primary School 2020-2021

Staffing Organisation


Headteacher:                           Mrs J Nicol


Deputy Headteacher:             Mrs E Barker


Class Teachers:

Reception:                                 Mrs L Jones

Class 1:                                       Mrs E Barker

Class 2:                                       Miss S Whittaker

Class 3:                                       Mrs E Robinson

Class 4:                                       Mrs C Routh

Class 5:                                       Mr J Hill

Year 4 English and Maths        Mrs C Whittaker

HLTA:                                           Mrs A Smith


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Y Alam                            Mrs A Maden                      Mrs A Whittaker                

Mrs S Parkinson                    Ms S Meakin                       Mrs R Layva

Miss G Woodcock                 Ms K Durkin                        Mrs S Safdar         

Mrs A Whittaker   


Kitchen Staff

Mrs M Cairns          Ms V Riley


Welfare Staff

Mrs Y Alam               Mrs R Layva             Ms K Durkin/Ms G Woodock

Ms S Meakin            Mr P Miller               Mrs B Sharp  


Site Supervisor      Mr P Miller                          


Office Manager     Mrs D Buckley
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