Benjamin Hargreaves C.E Primary School Voluntary Aided

Every child, every day, to learn, to laugh, to love and pray.

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September 2013


Mission Statement

We, at Benjamin Hargreaves, strive for excellence and enjoyment in education by providing a safe, secure, caring family environment, where individuals are valued and respected.  We will endeavour to enable all children to reach their full potential, whilst growing in their love and understanding of the Christian Faith.




I will encourage my child to show consideration and respect for adults, children and property.


I will encourage my child to work to the best of his/her ability.


I will ensure my child attends School regularly and punctually.


I will support the School’s Christian foundation, its policies, and the guidelines for behaviour.


I will encourage and support my child to complete his/her homework and return it to School on time.


I will attend Parents’ Evenings to discuss my child’s progress and keep the School informed of any problems or difficulties that may affect my child’s work or well-being.


I will ensure my child uses ICT equipment and the Internet safely and carefully.





We will maintain a safe and secure environment for our children.


We are determined that all our children will feel valued and we will help them to fulfil their



We will encourage and support all our children to grow in faith.


We encourage caring, thoughtful and respectful relationships.


We are committed to provide a high standard of education that will meet individual needs through a broad and balanced curriculum.


We recognise and reward good attendance and punctuality.


We place great emphasis on responsible behaviour and do not tolerate bullying, racist, violent or destructive actions.


We will provide homework and ensure it is marked on a regular basis.


We will keep parents informed regularly about School matters.




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